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 The web provides a very unique opportunity for the interconnecting of researchers and their work into an evolving online "community" of scholarship. However, that scholarship will NOT thrive if people are not given credit for their work and ideas. Researchers will just stop publishing their work online and will revert to the traditional publishing methods.

Encourage the development of this new and exciting realm of scholarship! If you use someone's ideas or work, CITE THEM! They will appreciate it. And if you are using their work on your own web page, email them and let them know that you would like to add a link to their page. It not only contributes to the evolving network of knowledge, it also is common courtesy.

When citing my web pages, please use this format:

Stangl, Werner (Year). Title of page.
WWW: URL (date)

so, for example...

Stangl, Werner (1998). internet in der Schule - Eine Bestandsaufnahme über den Einsatz des internet im Unterricht an Österreichs Schulen.
WWW: http://paedpsych.jk.uni-linz.ac.at/PAEDPSYCH/NETSCHULE/NetSchule.html (YY-MM-DD)

If a date doesn't appear on a page you want to cite, then use the date that appears on the home page for that site.

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